Racing Information

Racing is a very fun activity that you and your whippet pal can do together.  The Greater Chicago Whippet Club (GCWC) sponsors whippet racing under the authority of the Whippet Racing Association (WRA).  The racing for other sighthounds under the authority of the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA).  Both of these organizations are nationwide and once  you are registered with the WRA or LGRA, you can race at any sponsored race meet.  Click on the names above for the links to those organizations.  You’ll need to provide the AKC registration information.

Site Update:  The saga is OVER—we have a new racing site…a little history…  In 2009, the GCWC moved from our historic Antioch, IL track due to the site owner’s selling the site to Lake County Forest Preserve.  After racing one year at the new forest preserve, the extra costs forced us to reconsider, and then move south to Perry Farm, Bourbonnais, IL.  The Perry Farm site worked well, but has some site challenges—namely, the track—that caused the club to reconsider a new racing location.

After club member Donna N. worked some magic, we now have a new home—River Road Park, a Kankakee Valley Park District-owned site.  Click here for an aerial view. The racing location is right next to the picturesque Kankakee River, has plenty of parking, nice turf track, site electricity, and access to water.  We are excited about this new site and hope you race with us in 2012.

Racing FAQs

  • Great, I have a sighthound that has never raced before and I want to try it.  What do I do now? You will need to start training your dog to chase a lure.  Click here for great training information.  It is easier than you think, these dogs love to chase.  The link contains information from start to finish (box training, muzzle training, etc.)
  • Ok, I have a dog that follows a lure on a buggy whip, but where can i get some real practice?  The GCWC hold practices many times a year.  Check the “Calendar/Events” page for the next practice and location.  Our club will help you every step of the way.
  • Why do sighthounds need a muzzle to race/practice?  Are they mean? No, they are not mean (unless you happen to be a lure!). The muzzle keeps them from catching the lure at the end.  Once they bite it, they tend not to let go.
  • Is it ok to bring along a non-whippet to the practices too? I don’t want to leave my other dogs home while the whippet is having fun.  Sure, bring out your other breeds.  Try them out on the lure too.  Just be sure they have a muzzle also.
  • Any other questions? Feel free to email our Racing Guru, Gregg Gammie at