The calendar below contains all of the race practices, race meets, club meetings, and other club events.  Click on each event for contact information, directions, and Google maps so you can tailor your driving directions.

Everyone is invited! Come on out and have fun. We’ll get you started and you can meet many of the club members.
Bring water chairs, lunch, and the things you need for a day out with the dog. A crate is really handy since you may not want to have your dog with you on lead all the time.

  • Practices are $2 per dog for the day for Non-members.
  • We are installing a new oval track on the Gardner property. This will take a large amount of work. So, two hours before practice starts work will be done on the track. All who help with that, from the start of work that day, get to practice for free.
  • For all July and August practices track work starts at 7:30 am. Practice starts about 9:30am.
  • April through June and September through November Track work starts at 10:00 and practice starts at 12:00 noon.

Remember…No one practices until all grounds and other required work is completed. Practice ends when heat dictates or when all dogs have practiced.

5-10 Work starts at 11. Practice starts at noon
5-24 Work starts at 11. Practice starts at noon
7-19 Practice starts at 9
8-16 Practice starts at 9
10-11 Work starts at 11. Practice starts at noon
11-8 Work starts at 11. Practice starts at noon

The GCWC will host, one each day, Whippet Racing Association Meets for whippets at 200 yds,on the following dates at River Road Park, a Kankakee Valley Park District-owned site, Kankakee, IL. September 6 & 7th.